I am a 36 year old professional creative working and living in the wonderful city of Denver Colorado, my home town. I was raised by a single mother of whom raised both my brother and myself with a strong work ethic, a supportive foundation to explore our interests and a liberal, grounded point of view about the future. I found myself interested in 3 main topics, and continue to pursue them through whatever opportunity may come my way; Art & Design, Gardening & Agriculture, and the Environment. Though my main interested throughout my 20's was art and creative pursuits, the older that I get, in such times have led me closer to the land, the way that we produce food and how it has impacted our culture, technology, and traditions, as well as the global environment. If you are here, you might be investigating such avenues, and I encourage you to contact me to further the conversation and to come up with collaborative works, albeit creative, physical or to just develop a more sustainable form of living both tangibly and philosophically. 

-Zach Burk, 2017