New Blog

This is a blog about my personal creative process. The intention that I find within for this endeveor is one of historical facts, scrutinizing, opinion, and the regard for other's opinions when they might be worth it, so please, don't let anything I say get in the way of you responding in your own life-line. This isn't a pursuit of anything except about learning more about thyself and the modern society and culture that we all live in. With that said.... This might be NSFW, but not in a pornographic way. I do not own the rights to all of the pictures shown here. I am not doing this as a means for profit, but as an ongoing piece of conversational art, intended to create topics worth spreading in todays world.

A new year

At the beginning of every year we all set ourselves up for something. It is a fresh start, a new beginning, a time to clean out the old, clean up the old, move in the new, build the new and taking a steps towards the realities that we all foresee in ourselves. The real question is if we can live up to the standards and rules that we have created for ourselves.

This year, on new years eve, Owen and I went out singing Karaoke with 8 of our friends; we had a ball. Before going out, we had a conversation about a pair of green jeans that he has, but never wears because they are skinny legged. Of course, I come from that lot of men (8 years older than him) who loved skinny legs because we were the hipsters who made them popular so I told him "Just give them a whirl, try them out and see if you like them, its at least something different than all of your high waisted straight legged pants that are so baggy!" he laughed, said no, and I ended up wearing them out. I sang a few songs, got out of my comfort zone fore sure, and brought in the new year with joy in my heart open, my mind drunken, and my spirit longing to have 2017 become a year where the change that occurs, occurs because of my intentions, not the outside forces that I cannot control, like we had with 2016, the election, my cat's passing, climate change, war and starvation, and the over-all frustrations with society and it's disregard for hope, love and peace. 

The next morning my friend Tanja, a wonderful sage and spiritual mentor to many people in the herbal arts community, did a little numerology to determine my 2017 tarot card and message within the major arcana. It turned out to be the hanged man which, ironically, is also my life card. The hanged man, pictured in the Visconti-Sforza tarot deck, the hanged man is depicted in green leggings, hanging upside down by his left foot, with his right foot crossed behind. This card is the 12th trump of the major arcana. Historically it is a representational depiction of pittura infamante, which was a type of punishment from the 1393 decree of Milan and Lombardy, in which any traitor, being put to death, would be hanged upside down until he would reach his point of execution, being fed food and water, and kept alive, as long as the traitor lived. 

The reason that I find this fascinating (as well as a little frustrating) is that this card is about seeing the world from a different perspective, letting go and surrendering, reversing, suspending, watching, waiting and sacrificing. It is sort of a theme in my life really. I, as a gardener, cook, artist and naturalist, like to see the world for what it is, and be able to notice and participate in the way that its unfolding, blossoming, metamorphosis, and how I can find a peace of mind in those parts of nature and make them an example of my humanity for exhibition and conversation. This topic of the hanged man is a little different though, because it requires me to challenge myself to be vulnerable in those spaces, publicly and with an intention of aiding a higher cause, something larger than me, and the observations found therein. 

I urge you to find out what your tarot card is for 2017, weather you believe in this sort of thing or not, it is good to get out of your comfort zone, and be able to create a space for yourself to be able to think about things that are metaphors such as the hanged man is, for something larger, deeper and more personal for your self and the investigation into the self, your philosophies and psychology. Weather we have larger meta-physicality or not, our place in the sphere of being is worth investigating because it can lead us down a plethora of passages of change which can encompass everything that we desire, and need to understand the value of being. Happy New Year to anyone reading this! This year is yours!