Zach Burk

920 Pennsylvania St Apt. #6

Denver, Colorado, 80203




My name is Zach Burk, and I am a 36 year old Denver native. I am a creative, who has a focus on the convergence between the old and the new and how recycling, reusing and reinventing materials and formats can aid in a sustainable work place and production methodology within the context of an exhibition space, whether it is a commercial space or a museum of viewership. With a professional history of over a decade in the exhibitions, maintenance and installation of fine arts, I have also has spent the past 7 years delving into the significance of fine jewelry and the impacts of technology and materials on design and art in general, specifically works and design movements from the 1820’s to the contemporary. 

I am currently seeing long-term employment that is more energizing than that of my current situation, and to step away from the retail aspect of the job titles that I have had in this career, which have given me a strong sense of reading people and ability to talk to almost anyone, but has become volatile for sustaining myself as the market in luxury goods seems much less secure over these past two years. This pursuit could take many forms, albeit full time, part time or some sort of project that would involve any of the following areas of interest:

Fine Arts, Antique & Estate Jewelry, Jewelry Design, Display Production, Botanicals Production and Garden Design, Art History, Exhibition Design, Environmental Design and Activism, and any of the fore-mentioned in convergence with any type of digital or analog technology to further the investigation and relevance of said endeavor. I am looking to further the lexicon of design and the natura & humana that has inspired creative people throughout the ages, in order to give a voice to the preservation that is necessary for the arts to exist in a world that often over-looks the value of its contributions to a healthy society.

I seek an approximate salary of 50K + with health coverage benefits minimum. I am also willing to relocate with a reasonable amount of time given to situate myself domestically and financially. 

Thank you for your time and consideration of this project, job and opportunity. I am very appreciative. 

Warmest regards, -Zach


-Thornton High School — Class of 99

Photography Tech, Ceramics Tech, Forensics and Debate Club

-Rocky Mountain College of Art & Design — Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting & Drawing, 2009

Student Ambassador, Woodshed Tech, Ceramics Tech


Store Manager and Media Designer, Victoriana Antique & Fine Jewelry, Denver Co.

 — 2009-Present

At this lovely shop, established in 1977, Zach has worked the past 7 years as a store manager, operating daily chores and tasks that it takes to run a small business. With a focus on the fine jewelry that dates from the early 19th century to the mid-century of the 20th century, Zach’s daily tasks are more involved than might be apparent. He rebuilt the stores website, photographing and maintaining the written and factual descriptions for all of the pieces that go through the store’s door, as well as selling items ranging from a few hundred dollars up towards tens of thousands. Over these past 7 years, Zach has used his formal studies in the fine arts and extended them to investigate and understand the practices used in the jewelry industry for the times and how technology and societal changes have morphed and molded the trends and styles of jewelry from the Georgian Era onwards. 

Skills: Customer Service.

Web design and management with Squarespace.

Photographic and digital editing with a skill set in Adobe Photoshop.

Identification and understanding of fine jewelry, from materials, eras and grading of stones. 

Display and Marketing of the store and its products from Social Media to Print materials all designed in-house.

Contractor of Installation and Exhibition Design, Museum of Contemporary Art, Denver, Co.

 — 2010-2011

At the MCA Denver, Zach was not an employee, but rather a contracted installer. Most notably, to install a video projection, most notably, of a video work by the Nobel Prize winner and acclaimed author Samuel Beckett. During this time at the MCA, he was also commissioned to make a piece of fiber art for the museum director Adam Learner. At the MCA during these two years, Zach installed 8 exhibitions under the direction of Nick Solici. 

Skills: Packing and unpacking of works of art.

Operating and using a scissor lift.

Painting, cleaning and preparing spaces for work.

Installation of projectors and innovating sight-specific screen for display of works. 

Fancy Tiger Crafts, Denver Co.

 — 2008-2011

At Fancy Tiger, Zach began their independent learning and craft classes with the first classes Knitting 101 in 2006. After being a contracted knitting instructor for 2 years, Zach signed on and worked the retail of the store part time for 3 years. With the owners Jaime and Amber he aided in creating a program for classes, as well as ordering materials and researching new modes of creative crafts to offer to students. Since this shop has opened it has grown enormously with a world-wide fan base, and as egotistical as it might sound, there is a lot of ownership of that success in Zach’s heart because of how close he found himself within the craft community during those years. 

Skills: Customer Service

Instructing students on Crochet, Kitting and yarns and fibers.

Display and Marketing of the store and its products from Social Media to Window Displays.

Community service and entertainment.

Sales Associate, Hazel & Dewey, Denver, Co.

 — 2011-2012

In 2011, a dear friend opened a store called Hazel & Dewey. In this shop, Zach used his knowledge of cooking and kitchen materials to sell, order and aid the owner in her shop’s success. Preparatory and Media Designer, Robischon Gallery, Denver Co.

Preparator, Exihibitons, Denver Botanic Gardens, Denver, Co.

 — 2011

At the Denver Botanic Gardens, Zach was hired to maintain, clean and aid in organization of works across the gardens by American Modernist and Apache Sculptor, Allan Houser, as well as the packing and couriering a large-scale wooden sculpture to Madison WS. by artist Truman Lowe. This was just a summer job, and 

Skills: Cleaning and maintenance of bronze sculptures

Inventory or sculptures with permanent staff.

Lighting displays for exhibition of works on paper.

Packing and couriering of works across state-lines. 

Independence and self-structured schedule while working in the gardens as not to be in the way of public viewers and to be cautious and careful of plant material in spaces less-than common for works of art.

Preparatory & Media Designer, Robischon Gallery, Denver Co.

 — 2005-2011

Robischon gallery has been the premiere gallery for blue chip, contemporary artist in the Rocky Mountain region for the past 30 years. At this job, Zach’s main title, preparator, was in aid of supporting and organizing the installation, design and layout of art shows. Working with artists and gallerists alike, he maintained an open dialogue to achieve a structured and safe exhibition with both curatorial staff and artists alike. In this job, not only did he work 40 hours a week as a preparatory but also as a media designer, web manager, and inventory of works. During his time at this gallery, he opened 58 exhibitions in this manor, 3 of whom are MacAurthur Genius Recipients and 3 Fulbright Scholars. He also worked with the gallery crew to design, install and sell for art fairs at Aqua Miami, Zoom Art Fair, as well as the L.A. Art Show Art Fair at the Staples Center. 

Skills: Customer Service

Web design and inventory management with Art Systems.

Photographic processes with photoshop and design editing with a skill set in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Fine Art Sales.

Packing and Shipment of Fine Art.

Art Fairs, installation, packing and shipping and sometimes couriering of works from Denver to fairs in California and Florida. 

Installation of projectors and innovating sight-specific screen for display of works. 

Community service and entertainment.